A little care for a long lifetime

Our outdoor furniture is of a unique quality, made to last year after year. However, even the best outdoor furniture needs some care and attention. Wood is a living material, and the wooden components are often harshly treated by the elements in exposed locations. As a result, it is important to regularly wipe down your furniture and to keep it clean.

Come autumn, a more thorough cleaning with a mild soap solution is a good idea, followed by placing it under a roof or protecting it with a tarpaulin throughout the winter season. Simply make sure it is thoroughly dry after cleaning it. If you take care of your furniture in the autumn, it will keep better and be easier to set out come spring when the sun returns.

Hot-galvanized bases – Hot-galvanizing produces a mottled finish that can change in colour and appearance. However, such variations even out over time. The only form of maintenance you need to consider is normal cleaning. Small knocks will heal themselves as galvanic currents cause the zinc to slowly cover such damage.